Mayor's £1 Fare Photo Submission

Please read before submitting your photo

This website enables online enrolment of the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Mayor's £1 Fare travel pass. A photograph and proof of age documentation is required.

The photograph must be a typical head and shoulders colour passport-style photo - looking directly at the camera, the right way up, no head or face covering (unless for religious or medical reasons), no tinted glasses (unless for medical reasons), neither too dark nor too light and against a reasonably plain background. The system will guide the User through a simple cropping stage to ensure the uploaded image is of the correct aspect (height/width) ratio.

The proof of age documentation must clearly show the applicant's name and the type of document it is.

  • If using a Birth Certificate as evidence then your name must not have changed. If changed by deed poll then a photo/scan of your deed poll document will be required.
  • If using your Passport it must be a copy of the personal details page.
  • If using a Driving Licence as evidence it must be a valid UK photocard licence.
  • Finally an official (headed paper) letter from an organisation such as School, GP, NHS etc showing full name and date of birth would also be acceptable.

Once processed, and approved by Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, your travel pass will be sent for production and delivered to the address of the photo submission.